What we’ve accomplished so far

  1. In 2017…

    Accommodation (still in progress),                                                                                                                                                                                            final building approval of fire-room,                                                                                                                                                                               Blacksmith’s shop,                                                                                                                                                                                                                          Audit of fire-lanes,                                                                                                                                                                                                                           Hall access extention

  2. In 2016…

    • Insulated roof using blown insulation in the eastern part of the building
    • Repaired the roof
    • Installed natural gas into the entire site
    • Completed boiler room and heating system for the eastern part of the building
    • Completed new connection of water and sewage systems for the western part of the building
    • Completed plumbing to all floors in the western part of the building
    • Completed a new entrance (glass gate) to the building from the west (to the silo)
    • Completely reconstructed the large hall in the attic (painting, facilities, bar)
    • Reconstructed rooms for group accommodation (for 8 people), accommodations include kitchen and bathroom
    • Re-opened the walled-in main entrance and window in the large hall
    • Re-opened the walled-in window in the hallway on the 1st floor to the Raleigh Museum
    • Created website for the Factory
    • Created a new brochure about the Factory in Czech and English
  3. In 2015…

    • Reconstructed 200m2 roof
    • Reconstructed the gate-house
      • Reconstructed entire roof
      • Reconstructed floors
      • Reconstructed original windows and doors
    • Connected entire site to natural gas lines
    • Purchased and installed over 350 m of heating ducts and more than a kilometer of pipes (company: Radiana)
    • Installed radiant heating strips (company: Kotrbatý)
    • Purchased land for a parking lot
      • Removal of self-seeding plants and trees
      • Uncovering original tiles
    • Reconstructed and built new sections of a fence around the site
    • Planted fruit trees, Victoria creepers, and climbing roses and created herb gardens
    • Held the Event: Aluminum Casting, led by Filip Koutouček
  4. In 2014…

    • Held our first wedding in the Factory
    • Cleared out and cleaned the entire top floor of the building with the help of the wedding party
    • Painted all railings, the entire basement, rented art studios and other parts of the building
    • Restored the original window niches – cutting our way to hidden treasures
    • Held our first big event for the public, Architecture Days, 1800 visitors
    • Finished the project for heat installation
    • Finished the project for installing natural gas in the building
  5. In 2013…

    • Purchased the Factory building
    • Discovered a covered pool made from sandstone blocks (originally a water reservoir for a volunteer firefighters brigade)
    • Discovered pretreatment tanks and rain gutters that empty into historic sandstone canals
    • Renewed the original rain gutters that empty into a stream close to Mr. Labašty’s building supply store
    • Completed activities to secure the site:
      • Repaired windows, entrances, replaced glass
      • Renovated or exchanged 10 double-doors and gates
      • Reconstructed parts of the building
    • Located the historic and actual utility systems
    • Created the first inhabitable rooms
      • The only room in the basement where the water did not freeze
      • Connected to the historic sewage and water systems
    • Constructed toilets in the basement, including toilets for physically challenged visitors
    • Completed plumbing, both of clean water and wastewater systems, to the top floor of the building
    • Constructed a new water system
    • Finished the first inhabitable art atelier for rent– includes a shower, toilet, hot water heater and stove for heating
    • Received results of the commission assigned in 2012
  6. In 2012…

    • Rented the Factory building
    • Began excavation work
    • Began cleaning and clearing the site
    • Disposed of landfill (1500 m3 of soil and debris)
    • Commissioned the Riofrio Architects company to assess the actual state of the building