Where to find the factory:    Whole factory is barrier free!

Antala Staška 212
Lomnice nad Popelkou
512 51
(CZ, Semily County, Liberec Region)

Who is the owner?

Since 2012, the owner of the entire factory site is 5D Ateliér s.r.o., the metalworking studio of Pavel Doležal.

About the Association:

Association for the Conservation of the Mastný Factory in Lomnice nad Popelkou
Velké Popovice 503
251 69

VAT: CZ01676733
Legal form: Association

How to contact us?

Telephone: +420 602 154 828, +420 222 363 500

We have a bank account for donations:

Bank Account Number: CZ07 0800 0000 0036 0573 9389  (IBAN)