Raleigh Collection


In its time, the Raleigh Factory was a world-famous motorcycle and bicycle company, founded at the end of the 19th century in Great Britain. The Raleigh company takes its name from the street on which it was located. Already in 1896, it was the largest factory in the country producing 12 thousand bicycles a year and later at the beginning of WWI, around 50 thousand motorcycles in one year. In the 1980s production rates were around 2 million bicycles per year. The successor to the company that ended along with the production of motorcycles in 1931, still produces Raleigh bicycles to this day.

In the Mastný Factory you can find the Raleigh Collection of Pavel Doležal, owner of the Factory who has also been a member of the English Raleigh Club for the past 37 years. This unique collection (especially in the Czech Republic) is made up of three parts: Vintage Motorcycles, Bicycles and Collectibles.

More information on this collection and the history of the Raleigh can be found on our partner’s website www.raleigh.cz, and more info on the Raleigh brand can be found at www.raleigh.co.uk.